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SABAI is a thai concept that encompasses the wellbeing and improvement of the body, mind and soul.

Finally in Peru, we bring to you the unique relaxing experience of the authentic thai massage performed by experts trained for generations in this art, brought directly from Thailand.

Each one of our therapists has performed over 15,000 hours of Traditional Thai Massage on very demanding clients in Thailand and other countries in Asia.

Visit us and enjoy the SABAI experience... feel the difference and feel better.

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Thai Body Massage

Our experienced therapists will help you relieve your mind and body tension.

Thai Reflexology

Detoxify and purify your body while reducing tension and fatigue. 

Head and Shoulders Massage

Relieves the symtoms of head aches and migriaines.


Thai Deep Tissue Massage

For those who need a more intenses massage experience with deep muscle tonification.


Massage for Pregnant Women

Specially designed to relieve tension during your sweet wait.

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Massage for Seniors

We have created this routine  for seniors to tonify your muscles and recharge your energy to help you live your day-to-day to the fullest.